Militos Consulting S.A. is a company with a personality, ethos and top quality that generates knowledge and implements useful and innovative ideas at high speed.Militos Consulting S.A. ( is a unique and innovative 360° consultancy firm that counts many successes and recognition in the European and local (Greek) market for 14 years. The company has a strong European profile and international experience in the provision of integrated and innovative consultancy services in a wide spectrum of fields, such as VET, Entrepreneurship, Employment, Agriculture, Culture, 360° Information and Awareness Measures, New Media, etc. to bodies and enterprises interested in benefiting from the growing economic and technological capabilities of the European and international environment.Among others, Militos is:

  • the Exclusive Communication & Campaigning Consultant to the European Commission Representation in Greece providing support in the organization of activities/events (since 2009 – ongoing);
  • the External Consultant of the European Parliament Information Office in Greece for the provision of services for the support of communication and information activities (since 2012 – ongoing / in consortium);
  • the National Editor of the European Commission Standard Eurobarometer, for Greece (since 2001 – ongoing);
  • the DG Enterprise and Industry Intermediary Organisation for the Programme Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs (ongoing);
  • the 1st choice of many significant European bodies, as Dissemination and Communication Consultant for European transnational partnership projects. With a strong track record of over 35 EU-funded projects and actions as Leader or partner with an emphasis on awareness/dissemination activities, Militos Consulting S.A. has also sound experience in project management and efficient, effective and transparent internal financial management of large-scale and complex projects;
  • the DG Enterprise and Industry Greek representative and Coordinator of the European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs.

The latest (2013) reported distinctions at European level are:

  1. the winning of two European Awards in 2013 (DG AGRI): a. The Special Public CAP Award for the widest outreach in Europe (1st place) and the Award for Innovative Communication in the EU CAP (3rd place) for the LLP project titled farmsup!;
  2. the recognition of Militos S.A. lead projects titled “ladybizIT” and “Business Mentors” as outstanding examples of entrepreneurship-related initiatives in Greece, as reported in the latest ENDEAVOR GREECE REPORT on “Entrepreneurship and investment opportunities in Greece”;
  3. the selection, by the European Training Foundation, of the Militos S.A. lead project titled Business Mentors as part of the European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs as entrepreneurship dissemination case / Best Practice;
  4. the recognition, by the National Agency for Lifelong Learning in Greece, as a Best Practice of the Grundvtig partnership titled Mumpreneurs and involving the organisation of visits and exchange of know how;
  5. the selection as Member of the National Board of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (position held by the President of Militos S.A.) which is the world’s largest event celebration in 140 countries, planning more than 37,000 activities that directly engage more than 7 million people; an initiative launched by former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Carl Schramm, the president and CEO of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, and supported by world key figures such as Barrack Obama (USA President), Prince Charles of Wales, Michael Dell (Dell Inc), Richard Branson (Virgin Group), Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Price 2006), etc;
  6. the launching of “knowledge shots”, during the Global Entrepreneurship (2013) as an innovative model for knowledge transfer;

Having also excelled as an awareness and publicity consultant (inc. professional event organiser), Militos Consulting S.A. undertakes the design, coordination and successful implementation of various large-scale events such as, conferences, workshops, seminars, press conferences, info-days, exhibitions and visits (only in the last years we have implemented over 50 demanding and complicated events, involving over 30.000 participants, with enormous success).

Furthermore, the company has a dynamic creative and web team that has conceptualised, developed, designed and produced numerous ‘unique approach’ websites, vortals, workspaces, online games, social media pages, interactive databases, blog entries, logos, visual identity, brochures, posters, banners and related promotional material, articles, speeches, building up an impressive record.

Militos Consulting S.A. stands out for its team formed by mutli-national, mutli-lingual, skilled, knowledgeable and imaginative people with strong experience to design and deliver integrated unique consulting services.

In 2013, Militos Consulting S.A. was listed, in the yearly ICAP Group edition, among the «Leading Employers in Greece», that stand out for their employment profile and corporate social responsibility.